Hombu Dojo Cenovnik

Members of the Shidoshi-Kai, graded Fifth Dan and above, can ask to Hombu Dojo for licenses up to Fourth Dan and award these to their students. The diplomas costs are as follows:

• Kyu grades (Ninth Kyu to First Kyu) ¥3,000 each.
• First Dan ¥10,000.
• Second Dan ¥20,000.
• Third Dan ¥30,000.
• Fourth Dan ¥40,000.

Shidoshi-Ho (from 1st Dan to 4th Dan) can give grades to students up to one grade below themselves. For example, a 1st Dan may award from 9th Kyu up to 1st Kyu, and 2nd Dan may award up to 1st Dan, etc.

Only Soke can promote 5th Dan grades and higher, and he evaluates them on the bases of their techniques, character and integrity.

Shidoshi and Shidoshi-Ho certificates cost ¥10,000 each.

Licenses for 5th Dan and above cost ¥30,000 each.

Training emblems cost ¥1,500 for Kyu, ¥2,000 for Shidoshi-Ho, and ¥3,000 for Shidoshi.

The stars cost ¥150 each.

Lapel pins cost ¥1,500 for Kyu, ¥2,000 for Shidoshi-Ho, and ¥3,000 for Shidoshi.